Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are you listening?

I found a great article called Effective Communication aka blogs and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. The article states, “With blogging, the conversation is potentially limitless.” Blogging allows users to share their love of family, hobbies, thoughts, ideas, and much more! Blogs are also great way to communicate with your visitors and readers. Blogs also offer visitors and readers to leave their comments and thoughts about a particular post. The article also states that blogs offer feedback from customers, to which you can use that to your advantage. Blogs allow customers to communicate with the author. Blogs can help improve your business, if you so choose to listen!

Do you have a blog? What do you use your blog for? I happen to have a handful of blogs, each for a different reason and subject matter. Blogs are another form of social media. Blogging offers users a way to write about their own opinions. If you are a budding writer, you can share your stories, thoughts, and ideas with the world.

Just remember, your blog belongs to you, but your customers and visitors are listening! Be open to listening to them too. Share what you know and love and you will be rewarded with comments and ideas!

Another way to gather opinions is from shopping surveys. I came across the following article called Shopping surveys are related to retailing and to service marketing that explains another source to use to find opinions. If you don’t have a blog, surveys are an effective way to gain the perspective of current shoppers of your business.

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