Monday, May 4, 2009

FlowerPowerPTC Review

I just want to take a moment to post a review of FlowerPowerPTC ~

I joined
FlowerPowerPTC about a week and a half ago and have been very impressed! There are always a ton of ads, at least 30+! If you haven't upgraded, it is definitely worth it! I plan on continuing an upgrade with this site, now that I know it actually pays off! I have tried upgrading with another PTC site and it was literally a waste of my money!

Payout is only at $2 for Basic Members and no minimum payout for Upgraded Members!

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  1. Hi Steph, I just joined the FlowerPower site, I love it..LOL..I also wanted to know when I upgrade(which I did for 2.00 for a month to try it out) does that mean traffic comes to my blog too or did I pay for more ads to click on and get paid? Plus, is it paypal or check? I like it so far. its nice and I need a break from Cash Crate,.,LMAO.

  2. Hey Samantha,

    I am going to respond here and on your blog just in case!

    I am glad you joined. I really like this site. The upgrade is so worth it. I usually wait til about $2 to request payout. PTC sites are great because they don't have a set payout date. Some owners pay you within a week or less!

    Your upgrade should come with ad credits. Use those credits to advertise your blog and any other links! It's great! I am getting visits to my blog from other PTC sites.

    Btw, they pay via paypal! :)

  3. I am a member there also thanks for the review, i was waiting to here from an upgraded member if they liked it/if it was worth it. Thanks again

  4. Well I upgraded also but I dont think the person got my payment yet. It shows it not confirmed yet.. But so far I do like it:)

  5. Samantha,

    Sorry about that. The owner is on vacation in Vegas for her birthday! :) She'll be back on May 12th-ish. She checks in periodically. She is an HONEST owner. She owns several other sites.

    I am so glad you like it. :) Your earnings will increase pretty quickly.


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