Friday, May 8, 2009

Benefits of Blogging

I have several blogs and use each one of them for different aspects of my life. I try to use each one of my blogs to my advantage, whether it's advertising my home businesses. sharing my affiliate links, writing about my hobbies, and sharing tidbits from my daily life. I find blogging to be therapeutic, it's my way of letting out my thoughts. Blogging also allows me to share my knowledge and learn from others. Do you have a blog? How many do you have?

Did you know that blog advertising is one of the best ways to make money? How do you earn money with your blog? I use google ads and getting paid to blog. I am always looking to exchange blog links with other people, which in turn helps drive traffic to both of our blogs in the long run. 112

As the article states, some bloggers are paid by companies to review products. I haven't had the honor of doing so. I hope to find out how I can get into that sort of thing. Are you a product reviewer? Any tips on how to become one? I do take surveys and give my opinion on products through a reputable survey site, I earn points that I can redeem for cash or prizes.

What are some of the ways you earn with your blogs?

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