Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking a NEW Journey!

I have decided to go towards a new journey. While I am still doing PTC sites, I am looking to make a steady income. I will be applying for a text chat operator position, a work at home job! I have all my paperwork ready to go. I just need my husband to set up our fax machine so I can fax in my application.

I am really excited about this opportunity and hope to get hired. This company has so many benefits I am looking for in a work at home job. First, there are no work schedules, and I can login and work anytime. I don't have to commit to a certain work schedule either.

I have cut down the number of PTC sites that I click on each day. It seems I have more time to work and I hope to get hired with this company. The extra money would be so beneficial to my family! My husband is working much less at work and it's harder to make ends meet. Plus I'd like this extra money to buy the extras and not have to worry about a budget.


  1. goodness.. wouldn't not have to worry about a budget be WONDERFUL??? I can't wait til we don't have to worry about a damn budget! Budgets make me mad! lol I just want to spend money! :)

  2. That sounds great! Wishing you get hired! I have tried many PTC's and not made much - checking out your freewebs site now!


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