Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looking for more PTCs to Join!

I am currently looking for more PTC sites to join! If you know of any PAYING, LEGIT sites, please let me know. I'd love to swap sign ups with you! I am an active clicker!

I also still looking for friends in the PTC world. If you'd like to be messenger friends, let me know. I tend to join sites of friends!


  1. Hello, I have a lot of PTC sites on my blog
    my messenger name is jovigirl4always on Yahoo
    Take care, always like meeting new friends in the PTC world!

  2. you have a pretty blog and interesting info.
    I'm not a business blog but I'd like to swap links.
    Janna's Corner

    Send me your link or blinkie.
    I don't have a blinkie so a link on your bloroll or links is fine.

  3. Hi,
    The design of your blog is cool. I love meeting new peolple ,too are interested in making money online. Check out my website for a great list of sites: And check out my blog for PTC/GPT updates:
    Glad I ran into your blog!
    Yahoo ID: misstnt1979

  4. I have a good site

    Try this site:

    It has 1$ Instant payout VIA AP :D


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